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Professional Prefabricated House Manufacturer In China

At Beijing HLZ, Prefabricated house manufacturer take great pleasure in leading the prefab housing sector. We provide a broad selection of premium, environmentally friendly prefab homes that are suited to your demands. We have built a reputation for quality and years of experience in the delivery of home solutions that redefine contemporary living.

There is no need for a house purchase to include a thousand little choices. With a house that includes many amenities, people don’t even realize what they want. So, we make your process more manageable by maintaining numerous climate-resilient and low-maintenance characteristics.

Safe And Secure Prefab Home Manufacturer In China

We are dealing with several challenges, including housing availability, cost, energy security, health concerns, and a changing weather system. Beijing HLZ is at the crossroads of all of these issues, with our approach of using mass-produced, high-performance, health-centric houses. They are Self-PoweredTM and Self-HealingTM houses, and they are enhancing everyone’s future.


Also, Beijing HLZ Prefabricated house manufacturer equips your house with initiative. Thus, we build the building’s vital systems, including air ventilation, heating and cooling, water filtration, and electrical switches. As a result, it is “future-proof” and controls the house system and makes it automated.

We must cease tolerating dwellings that harm our health, the environment, and our ability to obtain energy. It turns out that creating a house centered on health and longevity results in a beautiful space that enhances your everyday life, increases energy security, and decreases your environmental footprint.

Custom Prefab Homes Suppliers

Discover our prefab houses’ beauty and effectiveness. Our prefab homes, which come in both modern and timeless styles, have comfort and last longer. Also, our flat box homes are made to be quickly put together without sacrificing quality or design. These buildings are suitable for a variety of uses since they are both eco-friendly and adaptable. We are aware that each client is different. We provide customized prefab solutions to satisfy your unique needs and tastes.


Prefab houses also save money since they require fewer workers to erect the house on-site. Energy efficiency is typically a consideration in our designs. Prefab dwellings often have airtight seams because each component follows precise design specifications. This uniform airtightness aids in preventing leaks and airflows that can raise the financial and energy costs of heating and cooling your property.

Leading Prefabricated House Suppliers In China - Beijing HLZ

Beijing HLZ prefab homes use the best materials and are put through thorough testing to make sure they adhere to the highest standards. Prefabricated house manufacturer use eco-friendly building techniques, recyclable materials, and energy-efficient designs to lessen our impact on the environment. Take advantage of affordable home options without sacrificing quality or appearance. 

We provide prefab house solutions that are cutting edge to clients all around the world in a variety of climates and geographical areas.


To produce outstanding outcomes, our team of specialists combines creativity, engineering mastery, and a love of sustainable living. We appreciate you choosing Beijing HLZ as your reliable prefab home partner. Visit our website to learn more about the variety of prefab solutions we provide, then get in contact with us to begin your transition to a better, more sustainable way of life.


Beijing Honglianzhong Light Steel Structure Housing (Group) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, China, which is a comprehensive service-oriented technology company integrating scientific research, design, consultation, processing, production, sales, leasing and installation. Our group was established in May 2004, with the registered capital 30 million RMB, which have 7 Branches.

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As an excellent supplier of Prefabricated Integrated Housing, Honglianzhong has successively undertook the construction of temporary prefabricated housing projects with a total area of more than 50,000

guangzhou project


Chengdu Project




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