Apple Cabin
Apple Cabin

Purpose: “Apple Cabin” is a mobile and prefabricated holiday residence. It can be used as accommodation, vacation home, residence, clubhouse, sun room; it can also be used for commercial purposes, including creative offices, gyms, car showrooms, coffee shops, mobile stores, brand showrooms, blood donation houses, consulting centers, etc. In short, as long as you want, you can make it into the space you want.

Product name: Apple cabin

Specification size: 3.6mX6.4mX3.25m (outer diameter)

3.25m*6.05m*2.56m (inner diameter)

Structural form: the main frame is welded with galvanized pipe

Main structure: 160*80*3 galvanized rectangular tube

Bottom frame purlin: 3mm*100mm*100mm galvanized square tube

Secondary purlin: 3mm*40mm*80mm galvanized rectangular tube

3mm**40mm*40mm galvanized square tube

decorative layer

Insulation layer: graphite polystyrene, Ceiling: aluminum gusset, Floor: wooden floor

Inner wall: Bamboo fiberboard, Outer wall: 1.5 galvanized steel plate, glass curtain wall

Supporting facilities: central air-conditioning, sound system, monitoring system,

Luminous door head, electric flip window, electric sunshade canopy


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