Detachable Container House Manufacturer
Detachable Container House Manufacturer

The reason why construction site detachable container house is popular is because it has many advantages. First of all, fast detachable container house can be combined flexibly according to needs, does not require a special site, and is suitable for large-scale construction sites. It is currently the most popular way of detachable container house in China. Secondly, detachable container house has a strong carrying capacity, which is unique in the domestic market. detachable container house can easily load all kinds of goods, not only that, but it also has strong wind resistance, even if it encounters typhoon weather, there will be no problems. Furthermore, as a kind of container activity room, detachable container house is convenient to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites, because it can be adjusted at any time according to needs to meet the needs of different projects and save a lot of manpower and material resources. Finally, the fast detachable container house has good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process and advanced equipment to ensure the sealing performance of the box. At the same time, high-quality materials are used to make the cabinet have good moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration and other properties. There is a heat insulation layer inside the box, which can effectively isolate the heat inside the box and ensure that the temperature inside the box does not exceed the specified range.


Leading Shipping Container House Manufacturer In China

A detachable container house contains steel and may be built horizontally or vertically. It comes in two- and three-story variations. They are easy to move from one location to another and won’t harm the surrounding area. Transporting detachable container homes to the new location is simple. The primary structure has sandwich panels that are fire resistant. Thus, we customize it according to the customer’s specific needs.

With a range of options for wall panels, doors, windows, and other accessories, Beijinghlz detachable container house manufacturer can tailor your portable house to your requirements and tastes. Our luxury detachable container homes have better materials and a higher load capacity. The updated design is stronger and more resilient.

Portable Living Detachable Container Houses in China

Beijinghlz makes them to be portable and simple to put together. The conveyance is practical, particularly for the units that take the place of the building site in South Square. These homes are incredibly sturdy and provide great bending and compression resistance. Thus, they contain hot-dip galvanized steel. People can paint them in any color and have a 40ft, 20GP, or LCL container. Also, people may customize the interior of the container home in any way they choose.

As a result, they are strong and long-lasting, composed entirely of steel, and have excellent vibration and deformation resistance qualities. Additionally, they function well while sealing, and the rigid manufacturing method gives this mobile home exceptional watertightness. The Detachable container house manufacturer components for the walls and roof of a detachable container home can be kept separate. Thus, it allows for a larger loading volume to form a roomy open area.

Shipping container house manufacturer in China provide houses with an interior that is decorated and measures up to 6000x3000x2800mm when stacked three stories high. They are sturdy and ecologically friendly, and they may be useful to erect and remove buildings without the need for welding.

Manufacturer of Shipping Container House for Multiple Applications

Beijinghlz Detachable container houses are useful for multiple applications. These shelters are useful in disaster relief shelter and assistance in the wake of natural catastrophes like earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods. Also, they provide a practical remedy for affordable housing initiatives, assisting in addressing the housing crisis in metropolitan areas.

Shipping container house manufacturer in China provide useful, movable living spaces and are used as temporary housing on building sites or for students in far-flung areas. The ecologically friendly housing alternatives offered by these container homes for rent also support the expanding eco-tourism and hospitality trends. They are an invaluable tool in addressing varied demands across these numerous industries because of their versatility and simplicity of migration.

Variety of Homes by Detachable Container House Manufacturer

Beijinghlz detachable container house manufacturer offers a variety of goods, including detachable container homes, flat pack container homes, customized shipping container homes, and steel structure workshops. The company’s core staff has worked diligently for 15 years and has amassed 46 utility models and inventive patents. We, Beijinghlz Customized House Manufacturer, see the needs of our clients and offer them a pleasant way of life as the source and the growth of the industry as the ultimate goal.

Prefabricated homes are useful in making conference rooms, kitchens, baths, and other areas. Also, it performs well, is simple to remove and reassemble, and has a service life of up to 20 years. Plus, the movable container home is lightweight and portable, making it simple to relocate between ports. Building it costs between $250 and $300. So, get a quote now!


Advantages of detachable container house:

  1. The house has good bearing capacity and can be stacked with 2 layers, which is shock-resistant and has high stability.
  2. Beautiful appearance and good looking. The frame of detachable container is relatively thick, making the house look stronger.
  3. The materials of detachable container house are all integrated and modular. The specifications are uniform, the shape is uniform, and the force is high.
  4. Workers are easy to install: ordinary workers can install them without knowing the container welding assembly house.
  5. Environmentally friendly products: Now the state has increased the control of welding and painting of container house. Traditionally welded container house are relatively polluted. The packing box frame is generally produced by a large enterprise, and the manufacturer must pass the environmental assessment of the environmental protection department.
External Size L6000 x W2990 x H2896mm
Frame Hot Galvanized steel 2.5mm
Roof 50mm Glass wool+4mm white color steel panel
Wall 75/50mm rock wool + 0.35mm thick color steel plate
Floor 16mm cement sanding board + :1.6mm PVC High quality floor leather
Windows Plastic steel sliding windows with fly screen, size:W1150mm×H1100mm 2pcs
Door 1pc steel security door (with 3pcs keys)
Surface Treatment
Electricity 1pc Distribution box

16A A/C 3-hole socket*2, 10A 5-hole socket

Single control switch*3, Breaker 1 set

1.2meter LED light: 1sets, 36w/set

Warranty 1 Year
Use Hotel, House, Kiosk, Booth, Office, Sentry Box, Guard House, Shop, Toilet, Villa, Warehouse, Workshop, Plant
Floor Load 1.5KN/²
Roof Load 0.5KN/²
Seismic Grade 7Grade
Wind Load 0.45KN/²

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