Expandable Container House
Expandable Container House

Expandable container house’s quality is very good. The raw materials of the container house itself are very durable. Generally, they are dominated by thick steel plates, and then matched with fireproof, moisture-proof, heat-insulating and sound-absorbing materials

Low-carbon environmental protection and recycling. The core concept of current engineering and construction is the concept of green sustainable development. Generally speaking, the materials of the Expandable container house are continuously recycled. This reduces the cost for users and prevents the city. The production of many municipal wastes and the use of container houses are all in line with the core concept of settlement that is consistent with the concept of green sustainable development.

With the change of the concept of everyone’s house, many people now start to adopt Expandable container house. Compared with traditional house, container house has three characteristics. These features are incomparable with traditional house.

More simple design scheme and convenient and fast installation method, this is an important reason why container houses are now welcomed by many people. No complicated design schemes and luxuriant interior decoration are needed. Only simple design schemes and convenient installation are needed. It can be moved in directly with good furniture, which is very easy to use.



Option size

20ft, 40ft, etc…We also had special size for 2.9M height

Main material

Galvanized steel structure with sandwich panel wall and doors, windows, etc.



Service life

30-40 years


White, blue, green, brown, or customized

Steel structure

3mm Hot galvanized steel structure with 4 corner casts and
(1)18mm fiber cement board;
(2)1.6mm PVC flooring;
(3)50mm rock wool ,eps or PU sandwich panel
(4)Galvanized steel base plate.


3mm Hot galvanized steel structure


50/75/100mm EPS/Rock wool/PU Sandwich Panel


3-4mm Hot galvanized steel structure with 4 corner casts and
(1)Galvanized steel roof covering;
(2)50mm -70mm eps sandwich panel or PU sandwich panel ;
(3)50mm -70mm eps sandwich panel or PU sandwich panel ;


Made of steel/aluminum frame

Dimension W870*H2040mm, furnish with a handle lock with 3 keys

or sliding glass door W1500*2000mm.


Made of PVC/aluminum fame.

Dimension W800*H1100mm, glazed with double glass in a thickness of 5/8/5mm.

Connection kits

PVC Connection kits for ceiling, floor and walls.


3C/CE/CL/SAA Standard, with distribution box, lights, switch, sockets, etc.

Optional Accessories

Furniture, sanitary, kitchen, A/C, electrical appliance for accommodation, office, dormitory, toilet, kitchen, bathroom, shower, steel roof, cladding panels, decorative material, etc.


(1) Fast installation: 2 hours/set, save labor cost;
(2) Anti-rust: all material use hot galvanized steel;
(3) Waterproof: without wood ceiling, wall;
(4) Fireproof: Fire rating A grade
(5) Simple foundation: just need 12pcs concrete block foundation;
(6) Wind-resistant(11 level) and anti-seismic(9 grade)

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