Flat Pack Container House
Flat Pack Container House

Container House Introduction

Prefab house is a kind of temporary building, which is a movable and reusable construction product, also known as “combination box-type house” or “container-type house”. It adopts modular design and factory production, with the box as the basic unit. It can be used alone, or it can form a spacious use space through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions.

Stackable in vertical direction. The box unit structure is a standard component welded by special steel. The space is connected by bolts, the structure is simple, and the installation is convenient and quick. It can be used in sales exhibition halls of real estate development companies, product sales exhibition halls, temporary reception centers, commercial temporary offices, shops, etc.


Flat Pack Container House Manufacturer And Supplier

Prefabricated flat container homes have energy-efficient and versatile working areas. They are a sustainable building alternative for growing site camps. The entry-level self-contained apartment is a 20ft (6m) container home. Within ten days, we can build a large number of pieces and deliver them to your construction site.

Additionally, Beijinghlz can provide a bespoke fold-down bed/lounge, a built-in kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and all other fittings. People may move into container buildings right away without delays and have low onsite work expenses. However, in traditional building construction, there are delays.

Flat pack container house manufacturer provide the most dependable and effective housing option for any size project or operation. We are aware of how difficult it is to transfer a traditional structure with its foundation intact. So, Beijinghlz Flat Pack Containers China ensures the best quality and advanced features to serve a variety of purposes.

China Reliable and Cost-Efficient Flat Pack Containers

Our Flat Pack Containers in China function for a lifetime. But if they were to be removed, they could be readily transferred or fully discharged. Beijinghlz Flat Pack Containers China comes with a variety of characteristics. Thus, they make them incredibly efficient, dependable, sustainable, and healthful. They have Flat Pack Container Houses China installed, which are heat, sound, and earthquake-resistant.

Beijinghlz Home is a top-notch flat pack container house producer making the best building on construction sites. Also, it’s crucial to respond quickly to the demands of large-scale engineering building housing in terms of production, service, and reaction. The building industry prefers Beijinghlz modular container homes to satisfy this need. They have quick manufacturing and installation times, low cost, and rapid usability.

Best Flat Pack Container House China Manufacturer

Our falt houses are of the highest quality and useful for various purposes. They help make hotels, offices, dorms, and meeting rooms. Also, Beijinghlz’s has great experience in designing Flat Pack Containers in China in a modern facility. They are then transported there by land or water methods, depending on where the installation is to take place. The skilled Prefabricated building manufacturer crew who were already there before the delivery installs the Flat Pack Containers China as they get there.

Flat pack container house manufacturer collaborate with clients from all over the world to design and construct modular container houses. Also, our team can offer the ideal design and delivery solution whether you need homes in a distant location, a temporary school, an emergency hospital, or something else entirely.

Leading Flat Pack Container House Supplier – Beijinghlz

Beijinghlz is a wholesale supplier and manufacturer that has a talented team and a wealth of experience that has assisted in the completion of several projects and operations of all sizes. For more years, we also have been developing useful housing options to meet the requirements of our clients, and we continue to offer options for a variety of initiatives aimed at giving refuge to those in need.

Additionally, Flat pack container house manufacturer provide a range of construction site necessities that will assist management in a number of ways and aid in project execution. As Beijinghlz, we’ve been creating fresh, original products using cutting-edge technology, enabling us to expand our already sizable inventory and enhance the ones we already have.



Widely used in industry, commerce, agriculture, public welfare, disaster relief, tourism, military, education, municipal, camp, etc.

  1. The construction site has high-end demand for temporary construction products, such as the project manager’s office, accommodation, conference room etc. It can realize office, accommodation, meeting, bathroom, kitchen, exhibition hall, command post, storage, entertainment Room, kiosk and other multi-functional customization to meet various needs for space;
  2. The construction site is limited by the site, and only box-type combined house products can be installed;
  3. Room for field work, such as: field exploration and construction mobile office, dormitory, etc.;
  4. Emergency rooms, such as: military mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center etc.


  1. The structure is safe and reliable: it can resist strong winds of grade 9, which is equivalent to the design wind pressure: 0.5KN/㎡, in line with the national home standard;
  2. Easy and fast installation: factory integration, on-site hoisting and placement, combined combination and multi-layer stacking plus, free splicing in multiple directions;
  3. Common shapes: U-shaped, L-shaped, and one-shaped, generally stacked 2 to 3 layers;
  4. Strong practicability: reserved water and electricity interface, exempt from secondary decoration, turnkey project;
  5. Convenient transportation: the product design fully considers the transportation link and provides the best loading mode;
  6. Roof waterproofing: the roof adopts metal roof free centralized drainage design, no need for additional waterproofing treatment, avoid the risk of roof leakage;
  7. Fire prevention, heat insulation and heat preservation: the core material of the maintenance board is glass wool or rock wool, which is an efficient fireproof, Thermal insulation and thermal insulation materials;
  8. Strong weather resistance: under normal environment and reasonable maintenance, it can be used for 20 years.


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