Folding Container House
Folding Container House

The folding container house also known as the foldable container house, is made similar to the model and size of the assembled container house, just like other common prefabricated houses, but this container folding house has different features, different and more convenient thanks to easy assembly by gently pushing on both sides placed in just 3-5 minutes. All the main components of the container can be simply folded or disassembled, and they can be easily reassembled when they are used again. They are widely used in public environment, construction projects, water conservancy projects, oil and gas, tourism, earthquake relief, mobile offices, offices and temporary housing.


  1. Fast installation speed (3-5 minutes for completing the installation).
  2. The whole steel structure is made of Q235B galvanized material.
  3. The whole wallboard adopts thermal insulation rock wool color steel composite sandwich panel which can reach A-class fire prevention, and the roof is covered with grade a fireproof rock wool.
  4. The window adopts push-pull series made of aluminum alloy for anti-theft.
  5. The cabinet floor is made of 15mm glass magnesium plate for fireproof and moisture-proof.
  6. Anti-theft Steel door is to be used.


Leading Foldable Container House Supplier And Manufacturer

The foldable container home means that all of the container’s key components (side walls, end walls, box top, etc.) may be readily folded or dismantled and rebuilt when needed. The greatest option for living during disaster recovery and building sites is a foldable container house, which can be easily set up in only 4 minutes.

Clients have praised the container house supplier for its exceptional product quality, superb building technique, and attentive after-sales support. Also, we have completed thousands of projects, including prefabricated homes.

Low Price Expandable Container House For Living Purpose

Container house supplier homes are inexpensive, simple to erect, watertight, soundproof, and fireproof. The cost is lower, and construction takes the least amount of time when compared to other prefab houses. With the aid of a crane, the installation can be finished quickly—in only 4 minutes—which is extremely useful for emergency housing projects. The foldable container house’s whole construction is prefabricated at our plant. Also, The electric floorboard, ceiling, window, and door components have all been installed in advance.

Additionally, they don’t require any interior improvements to be occupied right away. Thus, they are extremely dependable and long-lasting due to our soundproofing, thermal, heat, fire, and waterproof systems. The roof will have an arch, and the roof sheets will be lap-joined together to prevent leaks and make it easier for rainwater to fall through the junction between the two roof sheets.

Foldable container house supplier provide a variety of wall panel colors that are customizable. Beijinghlz’s most recent model features a redesigned pulley system that makes loading and unloading simple and prevents wear and tear. Ten pieces may be loaded into a single 40’HQ container house, which reduces shipping costs by half. Consequently, it has a service life of 10 to 15 years.

Manufacturing of Folding Container House for Various Applications

Beijinghlz is highly versatile and provides folded houses for various applications like building site offices, dorms, resettlement houses, hospitals, and camps, among other places. Our goal is to provide fast-packing modular homes to low-income families so they may live happily ever after. Also, small, inexpensive, and energy-efficient dwellings are best using container homes. They build bigger dwellings or utilize them as single apartments.

Folding container house manufacturer homes may be useful as studios or home offices, offering a peaceful and relaxing environment for work. For additional ventilation and natural light, they have windows and skylights.

Container homes are ideal for building little getaway cottages or dwellings in secluded areas like mountains or forests. They are a popular option for off-grid living since they are simple to move to these areas.

Modular home supplier provide home containers for college campuses to build cost-effective student accommodation. Also, they are dependable, simple to maintain, and adaptable to student demands. People whom natural catastrophes like hurricanes or earthquakes have displaced can swiftly move into container homes as temporary accommodation.

Top Foldable Container House Supplier – Beijinghlz

Beijinghlz is a top container house supplier of folding container homes. Our location in container housing in China is significant. Being close to Qingdao Port and relying on the Asian transportation hub has resulted in easier mobility and decreased transportation expenses. We have a whole industrial chain that accounts for more than 70% of share in China for container homes.

Foldable container house supplier has been a leader in Chinese overseas prefabricated house construction and has established itself as a preferred supplier for well-known large-scale Chinese Construction Enterprises due to its decades of extensive experience in the field as well as the accumulation of various national policies, laws, customs, cultures, and climates that have an impact on the project’s successful completion.


Specification of Folding Container House
No. Name of Products Description Size Qty. Unit
1 Folding Container House Standard Container Outer Size: 5800mm*2500mm*2450mm
Inner Size:5650mm*2350mm*2230mm
Folded Size: 5800mm*2500mm*390mm Weight:1.1T
1 set
2 Frame Top girder Special shaped steel galvanized concave convex pipe 63mm*80mm*1.5mm(both sides) 3 pc
Bottom girder Special shaped steel galvanized concave convex pipe 63mm*160mm*2.0mm(both sides) 3 pc
Top beam Galvanized square pipe 50mm*50mm*1.8mm 6 pc
Front and rear end girder Special shaped steel galvanized concave convex pipe 63mm*80mm*1.5(both sides) 4 pc
Sidewall frame Special shaped steel galvanized concave convex pipe 63mm*80mm*1.5(both sides) 8 pc
Bottom crossbeam Galvanized square steel pipe 40mm*80mm*2.0mm 4.5 pc
Cast steel butt joint Corner Fitting Steel plate(200mm*100mm*15mm) 8 pc
Folding hinge Galvanized hinge 85mm*115mm*3mm(Shaft column304stainless steel) 36 pc
Integral frame protective coating Cabaret high gloss enamel 1 set
3 Top of container External roof 104 color steel tile(0.5mm) 6 set
Internal ceiling 831 ceiling tile(0.326mm) 7 pc
Insulation rock wool Bulk density 60kg/m³*14.5square 14.5
4 Floor A-grade fireproof cloth escape board 15mm 5 pc
5 Wallboard Heat insulation rock wool color steel composite sandwich panel (side wall) 0.326mm color steel plate / 50mm / 65kg / m3 rock wool 8 pc
Heat insulation rock wool color steel composite sandwich panel (Front and rear walls) 0.326mm color steel plate / 50mm / 65kg / m3 rock wool 6 pc
6 Window Aluminum alloy anti-theft integrated window (push-pull Series) 950mm*1200mm(With screen window) 2 pc
7 Door Special anti-theft door for folding container 860mm*1980mm 1 pc
8 Electrical system circuit protector 1 pc
Industrial plug and socket 2 pc
Single tube LED light 1 pc
Special socket for air conditioner 1 pc
Light switch 1 pc

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