Prefabricated K House Manufacturer
Prefabricated K House Manufacturer

Introduction of K House

  1. The prefabricated house is a kind of thin-walled light steel component as the skeleton, sandwich panels as the enclosure material, and standard

The modulus (1k=1820mm; 1p=950mm) series is combined in space, and the components are connected by bolts. It is a new concept of environmentally friendly and economical prefab houses. It can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizing the general standardization of temporary buildings, establishing the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient construction, and becoming a building block for serial development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and multiple turnover. Stylized product field.

  1. The assembly is mainly based on 1~3 floors, which can realize various plane layout shapes such as one-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped, and back-shaped;
  2. The unified modulus of length and width is 1k=1820mm, and the horizontal direction of the house is generally between 2K and 7K. The total outline size of the house is (nk+0.16)*(nk+0.16), namely: (1.82*n+0.16)*(1.82*n+0.16);


China Prefabricated K House Manufacturer And Supplier

K Type Prefab House is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective mobile home idea. The prefabricated home on a hill is another name for it. It has common modules to meet client demands. Its skeletal system contains light steel, and its maintenance system has sandwich panels and galvanized steel tiles. The roof and wall sandwich panels made rock wool are fastened to a light steel frame. The prefabricated home uses standard components, and its length and breadth are both K (1K=1820mm) in length.

Beijinghlz is the newest member of the family of prefabricated building materials and has grown popular throughout various regions. China’s leading prefabricated k house manufacturer provides the best cheap prefabricated buildings that are made as a combination of multiple modules. Beijinghlz guarantees superior after-sales support and consistent upkeep. They are constructed based on IS code standards and state-of-the-art décor. 

Wholesale K Type Prefabricated Houses China

Beijinghlz, the greatest portable homemaker in China, uses prefabricated buildings that set standards for quality and durability to provide its clients with the utmost attention. K houses are a great alternative to traditional ways for a variety of structures and also function quickly and effectively. These prefabricated homes by Beijinghlz, are simple to install and remove. Thus, they have lightweight skeleton system and also the best protected panel envelope. They have a flexible architecture that results in a lightweight and durable structure.

Additionally, they have a safe and dependable design that complies with all building regulations. We provide hassle-free assembly and disassembly skills for easy relocation. It also features a variety of facade alternatives, including beautiful panels, to improve the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Beijinghlz produces K houses that are water- and weather-resistant. The Leakproof design helps keep interiors warm and efficiently insulates them from chilly outside temperatures. Additionally, the panels and framework are corrosion-free, ensuring a lifetime of use. The top portable prefabricated k house manufacturer in China, Beijinghlz, offers goods that can be moved between sites with ease.

Customized K Type Prefabricated House For Multiple Uses

Prefab K Houses Manufacturer provides the best k house for multiple purposes. The best movable buildings are usually K houses, which are helpful as temporary constructions. Massive advantages of liftable buildings make them more common. They are perfect for the canteen and site kitchen, as well as the site office, camp office, time office, and quality control office. Additionally, they are useful for labor, family accommodations, and engineers.

They serve many schools and training facilities, and they are also helpful in temporary hospitals, health clinics, anganwadis, disaster relief camps, and refugee camps. The most built international home product is where Beijinghlz K houses emerged. Prefabricated homes are significantly more suitable for projects where there is a lack of available land resources. Thus, they are useful for storage facilities. Prefabricated homes are also useful in building roadways and railroads as the most economical product.

China Prefabricated K House Manufacturer, Supplier – Beijinghlz

The location of Beijinghlz K-Home in China offers special geographic benefits, a lovely environment, and easy access to transit. We do engineering, manufacture, and installation of prefabricated homes, sandwich panels, container homes, and PEB steel structures.

One of our best-selling products is the K Type Prefab House, which is a client favorite due to its quick construction, affordable price, and pollution-free benefits. K-Home employs cutting-edge machinery, rigorously monitors product quality, and continually improves product technology. Prefabricated K House manufacturer provides our clients with top-notch goods and services.

With the combined efforts of every employee, our goods and services have been praised in marketplaces all over the world. You may contact us online if you wan to know more about Prefabricated building manufacturer. Working with you is something we are excited about! We are certain that alongside our clients, we can create mutual benefits and win-win outcomes via our persistent efforts and pursuit.


1. Design Parameters

1) Roof: dead load 0.15KN/㎡; live load: 0.5KN/㎡;

2) Floor: dead load 0.2KN/㎡; live load: 2.0KN/㎡; (1KN/㎡=102kg/㎡)

3) Seismic fortification standard: Class B;

2. Structure

1) The wall panels are white, the external wall panels are connected by vertical sockets, and the partition panels are connected by horizontal sockets;

2) Blue roof panel, roof slope ≈ 1:5, free drainage;

3) The ridge, gable and window wrapping are generally blue color steel plate pressing parts;

4) The connection gaps of the board room components are sealed with structural components, and other small insertion gaps are sealed with silicone weather-resistant sealant;

5) Adjusting tie rod between columns (Ф6 round steel with M8 turnbuckle), horizontal support between beams (L40x3 angle steel);

6) Triangular roof trusses and floor beams are connected to double C columns at both ends by bolts.

  • Classification of board room specifications


⚫  1P=950mm;

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