Light Steel Villa
Light Steel Villa

I. Introduction of light steel villa

Honglianzhong Group has the world’s top fully automatic integrated equipment for thin-walled light steel structures, which can be standardized, refined and customized to design, manufacture and install light steel structure houses. It can not only provide villas and villa groups with different styles, but also provide world-standard light steel buildings.

The development history of cold-formed thin-walled light-steel residences: the construction technology of cold-formed thin-walled light-steel residences evolved on the basis of North American style wood structure construction technology. After more than a hundred years of development, it has formed a structure with excellent physical properties, A mature construction system with flexible space and shape, easy construction and various forms.

At present, the company’s main light steel villa is the fifth-generation passive three-insulation double keel solid pouring integrated light steel villa.


Light Steel Villa Manufacturer – Best Gauge Steel Prefab Homes

Light steel villas are prefab houses that have the primary structural components of light steel villas. People may freely put together different modules using their design drawings to build unique homes. Beijinghlz develops and produces a wide range of cutting-edge modular structures for a variety of clients and sectors in the public and private sectors.

Beijinghlz light steel villa manufacturer combines knowledge and technology to offer a wide range of solutions for all applications, ranging from 1.35 x 1.35 m guard booths up to enormous warehouses and multi-story permanent pre-engineered constructions. We at Beijinghlz work hard to add value and change the world. We commit our resources to giving everyone in the globe access to inexpensive living places.

Premium Prefab Houses Movable Light Steel Villa

Our prefabricated light steel frame villas provide a complete solution, from design and construction to delivery. Also, these contemporary homes can offer better-quality solutions with less risk, faster completion times, cost-effectiveness, and uniformity in construction. Light steel villa manufacturer provide exceptional benefits for the environment and energy efficiency.

Additionally, it may cut the building cycle by more than 40% and minimize waste from construction and decorating by nearly 70%. The total manufacturing efficiency is around 2-3 times higher in modular constructions. So, to lower the cost of enclosure and decorating, the profiles are galvanized and coated with a lovely look and corrosion protection.

Light gauge steel prefab homes components, including doors, windows, electrical and plumbing networks, and fixtures, are integrated into the product. Plus, the prefab steel and modular home procedure is swift. The sustainable development approach allows for the recycling of all resources without creating trash. The general public is rapidly accepting light steel frame homes as a practical and ecologically beneficial home type.

Wholesale Light Gauge Steel Prefab Homes Structure

Light gauge steel prefab homes are highly versatile and have a unique structure. Strip foundations are commonly used in light steel frame homes, which may significantly lower foundation building costs. The foundation and main body connect securely by using an appropriate anchoring technique during installation. The exterior wall system typically ranges from 120 to 200mm. Plus, we installed the pipeline within the wall for better cover and a more attractive look. Our Glass fibre wool, a superb thermal, heat, and sound insulator, are used to fill the wall cavities.

Also, High-strength C-type and U-type light steel components are hot-dip galvanized and used to construct the floor. We create a sturdy and earthquake-resistant floor system. Also, the floor beams covers with structural boards that protect against moisture and corrosion. There are often T-shaped and triangular roof trusses, which may readily and flexibly apply a variety of complicated roof forms.

Light Steel Villa Manufacturer China Factory – Beijinghlz

Beijinghlz’s goal is to jointly construct better structures that will improve the quality of life for everyone on the planet. There is excellent customer assistance throughout the order process. Our expert teams will work with you to complete the design of your product according to your expectations, produce it, plan its packing and delivery, and then dispatch our supervisors and technicians to assemble it and deliver it to you as a finished product.

Light steel villa manufacturer principles are precise and practical, consistently creative, honest and responsible, and constantly mindful. We create system solutions with innovation and customization. We only utilize high-quality, ISO, and TSE-certified brands for the materials in our structures and goods.

Excellent engineers and designers work for us. Beijinghlz evaluates a few reliable raw material sources and establishes a long-term strategic partnership. We have years of manufacturing and exporting expertise, are familiar with the use and material quality standards in your nation, employ the top engineers and designers, and can provide you with rapid service through one-on-one, unhindered contact.

II. Introduction of product features of the fifth generation passive light steel villas

  1. Lightweight and convenient

The structural materials used have high strength, thin thickness, low steel consumption (usually the overall steel consumption of low-rise buildings is within 30Kg/m2, and the steel consumption of multi-storey buildings is within 40Kg/m2), and the overall weight of the house is light, only traditional bricks About 1/5 of the mixed structure. The structure is light in weight, which reduces the cost of transportation and hoisting, and the foundation load is also reduced accordingly, which reduces the foundation cost. It has low requirements on the foundation, especially suitable for harsh areas with complex terrain such as mountains, river beaches, sandy land, and islands.

  1. Safe and durable

The light steel villa wall, roof truss structure and inner and outer wall panels form a solid plate rib structure, which greatly improves the ability to resist horizontal loads and vertical loads, so it has better earthquake resistance and wind resistance. It has been tested and proven to resist 9° earthquakes and 12-degree hurricanes.

The structural parts used are all made of high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheets. Self-tapping screws are used for assembly without welding technology, which effectively protects the integrity of the aluminum-zinc film and has excellent corrosion resistance. Coupled with the use of cast-in-place coupling modified polyphenylene particle concrete light steel mesh composite wall, it will not corrode, mildew, or be afraid of insects, and the service life of the building can reach more than 90 years.

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection

The light steel structure can be 100% recycled, and Tibetan steel has great strategic significance for the people. The wall and roof combination scheme with excellent performance provides excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and waterproof performance, and reduces energy consumption by 65% compared with traditional brick-concrete structures.

  1. High degree of prefabrication and labor saving

All building materials of the entire light steel integrated house can be mass-produced and prefabricated in a factory, with a high degree of mechanization and no wet work on site, truly realizing the industrialization of housing.

  1. High quality and high comfort

Due to the use of excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and energy-saving structures and materials, the indoor living comfort is greatly improved. The built-in pipeline and the thinning of the wall effectively increase the usable area of the house by more than 10-15% compared with conventional brick-concrete). Coupled with the plasticity of the steel structure, the shape of the house can be complex, diverse and beautiful.

  1. Mature technology and perfect supporting facilities

The introduction of advanced technology and many years of practical experience have enabled our company to have a complete and mature system of technology, construction, quality control and after-sales service, and formed a stable and comprehensive supply chain of supporting materials.

III. three thermal insulation double keel solid pouring wall product features introduction

  1. Earthquake resistance: It can resist rare earthquakes of 9°, and is suitable for areas with seismic intensity above 9°.
  2. Wind resistance: It can resist 70m/s hurricane, and the wind resistance level is above 12.
  3. Durability: The life of the main structure can reach more than 90 years.
  4. Fire resistance: According to different designs, the fire resistance time can reach 3 to 4 hours.
  5. Sound insulation: the sound insulation of the light steel exterior wall can reach 65dB, and the sound insulation of the light steel interior wall can reach 45dB. (unit: decibel)
  6. Thermal insulation: the average heat transfer coefficient of the outer wall of the 240-370mm (24 cm) thick composite wall 0.26W (m·k), which is half of the brick wall with equal thickness, which can meet the requirements of external wall enclosure in severe cold areas of our country.
  7. Environmental protection: steel structure materials are 100% recyclable, and most other supporting materials are recyclable.
  8. Energy saving: adopting new materials for heat preservation and heat insulation, the energy required for heating and cooling can save 65% of energy compared with traditional buildings.
  9. Housing rate: Light-steel integrated houses increase the usable area by 10% to 15% compared with traditional buildings.
  10. Construction period: The standardized assembly of light steel structure houses is simple and fast, saving 2/3 of the construction period compared with traditional structures.

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