Three-module Mobile Toilet
Three-module Mobile Toilet

Specification size: 4.04mX1.56X3.15m (outer diameter)

3.65m*1.18m*2.4m (inner diameter)

Structural form: the main frame is welded with galvanized pipe

Main beam: 2mm*80mm*80mm galvanized square tube

Purlin: 1.5mm*40mm*40mm galvanized square tube

Double side column: 2mm*80mm*80mm galvanized square tube

Secondary column: 1.5mm*40mm*80mm galvanized rectangular tube

decorative layer

Insulation layer: glass wool,  Top surface: asphalt shingles, Ceiling: aluminum gusset

Internal wall: Bamboo fiberboard, External wall: Metal carving board

Supporting facilities: ceramic squatting toilet (medium-sized water tank), exhaust fan, waterproof decorative lights, bathroom cabinets, vanity mirrors


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