Raw Material

Our raw materials are all purchased from regular domestic professional manufacturers, which are of real quality, and we absolutely do not need to shoddy raw materials with poor quality to smash our own Honglianzhong brand. We all use national standard galvanized steel parts. Generally, the galvanized content of the factory is 50-60 grams, but the galvanized content of our factory is at least 80 grams, and generally can reach 100 grams. This will play a role in the quality of our products. Our box corners are purchased from manufacturers specializing in the production of containers, and their product standards and quality have domestic or international certification.

The floor glue we purchased is relatively environmentally friendly, and the formaldehyde content is very low. It is made of 1.8mm, and it is integrated with the cement fiberboard. The foot feels very comfortable when stepping on it. We use 75mm rock wool and glass wool, which are high thermal insulation, waterproof and fireproof materials. The use of relatively advanced equipment, like those produced by small factories, has a gap of 4-5 cm, but the products produced by our updated equipment are all seamlessly connected. Therefore, from the procurement of raw materials, equipment, technology, etc., the quality of the product has been improved to a higher level.

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