Our group has the world’s advanced cold-formed thin-walled light steel structure houses and passive house construction technology and production lines, which can be standardized for mass production, and can also be finely customized and installed with light steel structure houses. After continuous research and development, light steel villas have excellent physical properties, lightweight building materials, more convenient construction, and safer livable houses. With a variety of mature construction systems, it provides villas and villa groups with different styles, and can also provide world-standard light steel buildings and building complexes.

With the advocacy of low-carbon environmental protection around the world, a building that can maintain a comfortable indoor thermal environment without active heating and air-conditioning systems—passive intelligent houses emerged as the times require. In March 2019, the chairman of Honglianzhong Group signed a passive house consulting cooperation agreement with Dr. Berthold Kaufmann at the German Passive House Institute. According to the internationally recognized energy-saving building index of “passive house”, it has five characteristics of constant temperature, constant humidity, constant static, constant cleanliness, and constant oxygen. Breakthroughs have been made one by one in technical indicators such as safety and no thermal bridge. The passive R&D office buildings and passive expert apartments independently designed and built by our company, which have been certified by the German PHI Standard. This is also the first high-rise light steel structure passive house in our country.

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